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Qigong for Health

In these 1 Hour Classes You Will Learn:
* Qigong Warm Ups & Cool Downs that can be done as part of any workout
* Healing Qigong techniques that you can use anytime, anywhere
* Physician Created Tai Chi for Health routine that improves overall health & well-being
* This is evidence based moving medicine with a very small price tag!
Tai Chi and Qi Gong are ancient Chinese mind/body exercises practiced today by millions of people for their many health benefits. Tai Chi consists of slow, gentle, circular movements, and slow, deep breathing that people of almost any age or physical ability can practice.

Qigong is easier to learn than tai chi and scientifically proven to impart many health benefits including: improving blood pressure, increasing muscle strength and flexibility, improved cardiovascular fitness, increased endurance, cognitive and concentration improvement, and anxiety and stress management.

Most importantly this class is fun and highly enjoyable!  
Donations accepted
Certified Instructor ShiFu Lea Williamson has been teaching over 10 years
Wear loose comfortable clothes and athletic type shoes
For questions contact Lea at (321) 759-3141 or
Tuesday, December 11, 2018 - 10:30am


Macon County Public Library

149 Siler Farm Rd.
Franklin NC

Telephone: 828-524-3600