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EPIC--Drama--Guest Actor/Stage Technician--(Skit participants stay after 5:30-6:30) *EPIC is a creative collaboration, with a focus on art, drama and writing. The only requirement for participants is a desire to create. Guest artists, actors and writers will lead several sessions. EPIC will be working on a showcase, featuring art, readings, skits, etc. set to take place on July 27th, to demonstrate how to “Build A Better World,” through the arts. Participants will have time to create within the area(s) of their choosing at each session. Skit actors will have an additional hour for rehearsal at each meeting. (5:30-6:30) Stay on as an EPIC member in the fall and be a part of a theater production scheduled for December 2017!
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 3:30pm