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Database of nursing and allied health journals with additional materials that include nursing dissertations, conference proceedings, evidence-based care sheets, audiovisuals, and continuing education modules.

Alternative Name or Keywords

CINAHL Plus with Full Text
how_to_reg Creating an account
Some resources and databases allow you to create an account to store progress or research information. When creating accounts for library resources & databases, please be sure to select "Fontana Regional Library" if prompted to select a library.

Librarian Tips

Search Tips

  • Synonyms, alternative spellings, and similar variations which describe the same topic are brought together under a single subject heading term (controlled vocabulary).
  • Using CINAHL Headings gives you access to extra search tools:
    • Tree – click the hyperlink heading to view related terms (broad or more specific)
    • Scope Note – definition of the subject heading
    • Explode – includes results with your selected heading plus all of its more specific terms
    • Major Concept – narrow your list to documents whose major point is your chosen heading
    • Subheadings – narrow the focus of your list to emphasize a particular aspect
  1. Click Advanced Search. Click CINAHL Headings.
  2. Find a heading you’re interested in and check the box beside it: “Communication Skills Training”
  3. Can you click “Explode”? If so, click it to add the more specific articles to your results list.
  4. Do you want to limit by subheading?  No: Leave it alone    Yes: Only check one (more if related)
  5. Click Search Database. 
  • Always use Advanced Search! You get more limit options.
  • Peer Reviewed
  • Published Date – last 5 years
  • Other options to consider:
    • Special Interest:  Occupational Therapy; Physical Therapy; Home Health Care, etc.
    • Language
    • Age Groups
    • Human
    • Evidence-Based Practice