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Read out loud, even with teens

Read out loud, even with teens: QUESTION: Our daughter's eighth-grade English teacher reads aloud to the class for about 10 minutes every day. She suggests that parents read aloud to their kids at home, too. I can't imagine my daughter tearing herself away from Facebook to listen to me read. Is there any benefit?

William fears for his children in age of cyberbullying: Duke calls on leading figures in the technology world to help make the internet safe for the young

Launching a task force to address the problem, he said he had been "alarmed" by the rise of online trolls and worried that children on the internet are "too young, inexperienced or lacking maturity" to deal with bullying.

Three easy DIY STEM projects for kids

- Looking for hands-on activities to engage your kids? It’s never too early to introduce them to important STEM subjects at home.

Sesame Street, newly revamped for HBO, aims for toddlers of the Internet age

Where recent series focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills and childhood obesity -- most notably, with Michelle Obama joining Big Bird in the White House kitchen in 2013 -- new shows will focus on lofty goals such as teaching kids "self-regulation" and "executive function"; in other words, handling challenges without having a meltdown.

Smart City Solutions Push for Connectivity Coordination

Abstract: As LTE and other wireless technologies advance smart city solutions, it is crucial that solutions providers liaise with city planners to take a coordinated approach on connectivity selection. This includes analyzing the physical and cybersecurity benefits and limitations. Smart city solutions' importance is increasing as nearly 70 percent of the global population will live in an urban environment by 2050.