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Taoism: A Question of Balance-China

Eyre, Ronald
In our search for Chinese religious experience, we go to Taiwan. A whole pantheon of gods both local and imported from the mainland are worshipped in thousands of Buddhist and Taoist temples. Several strands make up the religious life of the village: a Confucian respect for past and the ancestors, the cosmic pattern of the Tao that permeates all levels of existence and manifests itself through oracles, the local gods who dispense justice and favors, and the hungry ghosts of the dead who have to be placated.

Taoism: A Question of Balance-China

Ambrose Video, 1977.; [San Francisco, California, USA] : Kanopy Streaming, 2018.

Title from title frames.; Film; In Process Record.

Ronald Eyre

Originally produced by Ambrose Video in 1977.

Mode of access: World Wide Web.

In English

Eyre, Ronald, filmmaker

Ambrose Video (Firm), dst; Kanopy (Firm), dst
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