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SIRS Government Reporter

Full-text current and historic government documents, landmark and recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions, information about federal departments, agencies, elected leaders and more.

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Some resources and databases allow you to create an account to store progress or research information. When creating accounts for library resources & databases, please be sure to select "Fontana Regional Library" if prompted to select a library.

Librarian Tips

SIRS® Government Reporter is a comprehensive student resource for the study of all aspects of U.S.federal government. It contains thousands of full-text documents, summaries, and graphics covering a wide variety of topics including health, science, economics, environment, politics, foreign affairs, business, and industry.

All the articles and graphics in SIRS Government Reporter are carefully selected according to strict SIRS criteria for content reliability, relevance, and age-appropriateness. Titles include: Agricultural Research, All Hands, Background Notes, English Teaching Forum, FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, Juvenile Justice Bulletin, Mariners Weather Log, NCI Cancer Bulletin, Nutrition Insights, Prologue, and State Magazine.

Users can easily retrieve information by subject heading, topic browse, and keyword searches. The articles are indexed by Library of Congress subject headings to ensure the best results and can be printed, saved, and emailed.


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  • U.S. Supreme Court Documents
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  • 100% Full-Text
  • Editorial Summaries
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  • 9700+ Government Documents & Publications
  • 2,000+ Sources
  • Library of Congress Subject Indexing


  • Standards Alignment (including Common Core Standards)
  • Daily updating
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  • Language Translation
  • Citation Generator
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