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The Savvy Librarian

I can think of many ways the library influenced my life while growing up in Franklin.  As a teenager, when the Macon County Public Library was located on Wayah St., I used to walk from the high school to the library to finish up homework and decompress after class.  The library was and, in many ways, still is one of the most intellectually stimulating places to retreat.

That being said, one of my defining moments as a child was the day I went to the library after a conversation with my second grade teacher about one of my favorite historical figures: Joan of Arc.  I went down to the children’s section and talked to my favorite librarian about finding a book on this warrior woman who behaved in a way that was beyond her time. Quickly, the librarian found several books for me and I ended up taking one home.  This interaction, followed by my obsession with Joan of Arc, including the immediate creation of a Halloween costume that sparked a lot of conversation at school because it consisted of a spray painted motorcycle helmet, a shiny tunic my mom sewed for me, and was completed with armor and sword (DeHarts never do anything halfway), is the reason I am the medieval history nerd (I mean instructor) I am today.  I count myself very, very lucky to be able to both teach world history and be a librarian that can help direct people to whatever might inspire them.  

The library helped give my life direction.  I hope it helps you (reader) in some way, large or small.

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