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28 days

Lichterman, Gabrielle
28 Days is back with an all-new updated and expanded edition! Each daily Hormone Horoscope(R) shows you what to expect from your mood, energy, love life, shopping habits and much more every day of your menstrual cycle. It will immediately change the way you plan your day, week and month ahead. Written by Hormonology founder and women's health journalist Gabrielle Lichterman, 28 Days is the book that launched the growing cycle-syncing movement among women worldwide. Based on thousands of scientific studies, this book is the definitive guide to understanding how the hormones in your cycle impact you in virtually every way. If you enjoy the popular Hormone Horoscope Apps created by this author, you'll love the depth of information she gives about your hormones in her new edition of 28 Days. Plus, the book is full of study-backed tips that help make every day of your cycle better!


Gabrielle Lichterman

Includes bibliographical references
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