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633 squadron

Grauman, Walter E

633 squadron; Bridge at Remagen; Devil's brigade

633 squadron: An RAF squadron is assigned to fly Mosquito bombers into Norway to destroy the Nazis' rocket fuel plants. ( 95 mins., 1964) -- The bridge at Remagen: Based on the true story of an astute American general and a high-ranking German officer, torn by the conflicting demands of his country and fellow countrymen, during the last days of World War II. (116 mins, 1969) -- Devil's brigade: Based on the 1st Special Service Force of World War II. Misfit American GIs join efficient Canadian troops for commando tactics against the Nazis in Italy during World War II. (132 mins., 1969)

The bridge at Remagen: rated PG ; 633 Squadron, The Devil's brigade: not rated.

TGG Direct.


633 squadron (1963): the Mirisch Corporation ; screenplay by James Clavell and Howard Koch ; produced by Cecil F. Ford ; directed by Walter E. Grauman.

The bridge at Remagen (1969): Wolper Pictures, Ltd. ; Screenplay, Richard Yates, William Roberts ; screen story, Roger Hirson ; producer, David L. Wolper ; director, John Guillermin ; music, Elmer Bernstein.

The devil's brigade (1969): a production of Wolper Pictures, Ltd. ; United Artists ; directed by Andrew V. McLaglen ; produced by David L. Wolper.

633 squadron: based on the novel by Frederick E. Smith. -- The bridge at Remagen: based on a book by Kenneth William Hechler. -- The devil's brigade: based on the book by Robert H. Adleman.

633 squadron: Cliff Robertson, George Chakiris, Maria Perschy, Harry Andrews, Donald Houston.

The bridge at Remagen: George Segal, Robert Vaughn, Ben Gazzara, Bradford Dillman, Anna Gael, E.G. Marshall.

The devil's brigade: William Holden, Cliff Robertson, Vince Edwards, Dana Andrews, Gretchen Wyler, Carroll O'Connor, Michael Rennie.

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