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Aeon rising

Mather, Matthew

An apocalyptic supernova flashes over the South Pole. Max Carver, a down-on-his-luck truck driver and Army vet, joins a rescue mission into Brazil. The target is a utopian tech village, the Colony, hidden in the rainforest and run by a charismatic genius. Max's pregnant wife, Talisha Carer, is the NSA analyst who intercepted encrypted Colony messages signaling a mysterious impending event. Dr. Xin Rou is a Chinese researcher working at the IceCube neutrino experiment at the South Pole. On lucky days a single flash might signal the passage of a ghostly interstellar particle. Suddenly IceCube's entire array lights up. A million detectors at once.Which is impossible. The Antarctic sky is clear and calm - but she is already running for the door.Because the world is about to end. But the mystery just begins...


Matthew Mather.

Compact discs.

Narrated by Ray Porter.

Target Readership: