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The Affordable Care Act

Thompson, Tamara
Tamara Thompson, Book Editor.

Includes bibliographical references (pages 113-122) and index.
  • ObamaCare: The plan is to transition to "single-payer" socialized medicine / William F. Jasper
  • The Affordable Care Act is not socialized medicine / Victor Pena
  • The Affordable Care Act falls short of health care as a human right / Anja Rudiger
  • Millions of poor are left uncovered by health law / Sabrina Tavernise and Robert Gebeloff
  • Obamacare: What if not enough young, healthy people enroll? / Linda Feldmann
  • The Affordable Care Act will benefit rich and poor alike / Froma Harrop
  • The Affordable Care Act will help contain health-care costs / Stephen Zuckerman and John Holahan
  • Insurance racket / Andrew Stiles
  • The Affordable Care Act will hurt the US economy / Sara Marie Brenner
  • The Affordable Care Act should be repealed / The Heritage Foundation
  • Most Americans oppose repealing the Affordable Care Act / Ronald Brownstein
  • Calling the Affordable Care Act "Obamacare" undermines reform / Mugambi Jouet
  • Misallocation of Obamacare showcases modern race bias / The Gazette
  • Botched ACA rollout could taint President Obama's legacy / Cleveland Plain Dealer
  • Despite a botched rollout, the health-care law is worth it / Alan S. Blinder.
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