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American shield

Gonell, Aquilino
Aquilino Gonell came to the United States from the Dominican Republic as a young boy. He joined the army to pay for college, saw action in Iraq, and returned home with PTSD. Believing in the promise of our government, he focused on healing himself and supporting his family. His hard work paid off when he landed a coveted position with the United States Capitol Police and rose to the rank of sergeant. January 6, 2021, changed everything. When insurrectionists stormed the Capitol, Gonell bravely faced down the mob attempting to thwart the peaceful transfer of power. The brutal injuries he sustained that day ended his career in law enforcement. When some of the very people he put his life on the line to protect downplayed or denied the truth of that day, he chose to speak out against the injustice done to him and the country.


Aquilino Gonell, and Susan Shapiro ; preface by Congressman Jamie Raskin.

Compact discs.

Narrated by Robb Moreira.
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