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Ancient alien enigma

Gardiner, Philip
Annunaki: 450,000 years ago, our ancestors descended from the heavens to engineer the first human beings. Now evidence and scientific research reveals when they will return. Aliens in Egypt: Pyramids are epic monuments, but the mystery of the true origins remains an enigma. Who build these ancient structures and why were pyramids built around the globe? Alien Encounters in America: UFO's and extraterrestrial visitations: Are we being monitored by extraterrestrial intelligence from outer space? Americans are becoming more aware of strange happenings related to the UFO phenomenon. Learn about the increasing number of abductions and extraordinary sightings happening almost daily across America. Alien Contact Outer Space: Many think of Space as a desolate vacuum of emptiness but new evidence reveals that space is rife with activity beyond our comprehension. Just as we have sent Voyager and Pioneer probes beyond our solar system, Aliens have not only sent probes in the past, but they many be here now.

Rating: Not rated.

director, Philip Gardiner.

DVD, NTSC region 1, widescreen, Dolby audio.

English dialogue; English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH).
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