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Aq̕u era el par̕aso

Ak'abal, Humberto

"A collection of poetry by one of the greatest Indigenous poets of the Americas about the vanished world of his childhood -- that of the Maya K'iche'. Aq̕u era el par̕aso / Here Was Paradise is a selection of poems written by the great Maya poet Humberto Ak'abal. They evoke his childhood in and around the Maya K'iche' village of Momostenango, Guatemala, and also describe his own role as a poet of the place. Ak'abal writes about children, and grandfathers, and mothers, and animals, and ghosts, and thwarted love, and fields, and rains, and poetry, and poverty, and death. The poetry was written for adults but can also be read and loved by young people, especially in this collection, beautifully illustrated by award-winning Guatemalan-American illustrator Amelia Lau Carling. Ak'abal is famous worldwide as one of the great contemporary poets in the Spanish language, and one of the greatest Indigenous poets of the Americas. Ak'abal created and wrote his poems first in K'iche', then translated them into Spanish."--


selecc̤in de Patricia Aldana ; ilustrac̤in de Amelia Lau Carling ; traducc̤in de Hugh Hazelton = Here was paradise : selected poems of Humberto Ak'abal / selected by Patricia Aldana ; illustrated by Amelia Lau Carling ; translated by Hugh Hazelton.

Includes bibliographical references.

Issued also in electronic formats.

Poems in Spanish and English on facing pages.

Target Readership: