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Ashton's dancing dreams

Pitts, Kaitlyn
Aston has made lots of friends at Roland Lake Christian Academy and her dance class. But when Rami, one of her very best frineds, announces that she may be moving to London, Ashton cannot believe it! They must do something, and quick, to keep Rami there. So Ashton, her sister Amber, Rami, and the other girls come up with a plan to make sure Rami's parents understand the MUST stay. They decide to commit to being part of the upcoming talent show at school as the ance troupe The Ruby Slippers. And since each girl is a necessary part of the Team, Ashton is positive Rami's parents will chnge their minds and stay put. But will disagreements, competitiveness, and hurt feelings caouse the plan to fail? Or will the girls learn that true friendship and love are more important than who's in charge?--back cover


Kaitlyn, Camryn, & Olivia Pitts ; with Janel Rodriguez Ferrer.
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