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Avengers versus Thanos

Starlin, Jim

writers, Jim Starlin, Mike Friedrich, Steve Gerber & Steve Englehart, with Scott Edelman ; pencilers, Jim Starlin, Don Heck, Bob Brown & John Buscema, with Mike Zeck ; inkers, Mike Esposito, Chic Stone, Dave Cockrum, Pablo Marcos, Dan Green, Al Milgrom, Joe Sinnott, Don Perlin, Sal Trapani, Sal Buscema [and 4 others] ; colorists, Jim Starlin, Linda Lessmann, Janice Cohen, George Roussos, Petra Goldberg & Michele Wolfman ; letterers, John Costanza, John Duffy, Tom Orzechowski, Mike Royer, June Braverman, Shelly Leferman, Charlotte Jetter, Dave Hunt & Annette Kawecki, with Susan Fox.

Cover title.

"Contains material originally published in magazine form as Iron Man #55, Captain Marvel #25-33, Marvel Feature #12, Daredevil #105-107, Avengers #125, Warlock #9-11 and #15, Avengers Annual #7, Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2, and Logan's Run #6"--Page 1.

Chiefly illustrations.
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