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B is for bananas

Tillotson, Carrie
"A is for Awake... but B is for Bedtime. When the narrator of this alphabet book tries to make it a bedtime book, Banana objects. Bedtime is BORING! And Banana is the star of this book, so it should really be called B Is for Bananas instead. It shouldn't be about bedtime at all. Journey through all the letters of the alphabet in this laugh-out-loud story from Carrie Tillotson and Estrela Loure?o about a banana who is NOT ready to go to bed."--

AD350 Lexile.|||Ages 4 to 8.|||juvenile

words by Carrie Tillotson ; pictures by Estrela Lourenço.

In title: 'bedtime' and 'to bed' are marked out and replaced with 'bananas'.
Target Readership: