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Back To Soloz

Avedikian, Serge

French-born Armenian filmmaker Serge Avedikian documents his return visits to his grandfather's village in Turkey from 1987 to 2019, as he addresses the region's dark history including the deportation of the Armenian people who lived there and the near-erasure of their history.

MPAA rating: Not rated. |||adult

Serge Avedikian.

French and Turkish with English subtitles.

Features: scenes from the lost film "Ravished Armenia," trailer.

Back to Soloz is dedicated to Osman Kavala, A Turkish citizen, political prisoner, and fierce defender of different cultures - namely Armenian, turkish, and Kurdish - who's worked so hard to bring the people of Turkey together.--from cover.

aSerge Avedikian.

For private home use only.


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