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Bee Bakshi and the Gingerbread Sisters

Pinto, Emi
"Inspired by Hansel and Gretel... Bee wanted to spend the summer reading Betsy Chillers books and exploring the new spooky theme park with her best friend. Instead, she's spending the summer trapped at Storm Lake with her too loud, too thrifty, and too Indian family. Luckily, Bee finds a place to escape her embarrassment--a magical house across the lake that transforms her into the cool girl she always wanted to be. Maybe cottage life isn't so bad after all! But strange dreams are haunting Bee, and there's a chill in her bones she just can't shake. Bee follows her hunch--and the scene of gingerbread--to Lucas, the dorky boy next door. He thinks there are ghosts in the forest, but new friend Alina tells her what Bee has feared all along: There's a witch at Storm Lake. And she's coming for Bee."--Publisher's description.

Ages 8-12.|||juvenile

Emi Pinto.
Target Readership: