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The big trip

Bell, Drake
A grumpy MIC-MIC, the bear, doesn't think he needs friends, especially Oscar, the hare, who is planning a trip to the moon in his house rocket. When Oscar unexpectedly lands in MIC-MIC's honeybee yard after being thrown from the exploding rocket, MIC-MIC is furious at him. Just then, Carl the stork mistakenly delivers a baby panda to him. MIC-MIC decides to travel downriver by himself to deliver the baby to his parents. Oscar, who is always up for an adventure, finds a way to join MIC-MIC.

MPAA rating: G.|||juvenile

Roman Borisevitch; Vasily Rovensky; Billy Frolick; Drake Bell; Pauly Shore; Lions Gate Entertainment (Firm).

Drake Bell, Pauly Shore.

Director, Vasily Rovenskiy.


English audio; Spanish subtitles.

English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing.
Target Readership: