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The boy you always wanted

Quach, Michelle
Francine loves her grandfather, but their time together is running out. He has one final wish: to see a male heir carry on the family traditions. Francine knows his ideas are outdated, but she would do anything for him. Her solution? Ask Ollie Tran, a family friend (and former crush, not that it matters), to pretend to be ceremonially adopted and act like the grandson A Gūng never had. Ollie generally avoids the odd, too blunt (and fine, sort of cute) Francine, whose intensity makes him uncomfortable. So when she asks him to help deceive her dying grandpa, Ollie's not down. He doesn't get why anyone would go to such lengths, even for family. Especially with a backwards (and sexist, Ollie keeps stressing) scheme like this. Francine, however, is determined to make it happen, and soon Ollie finds himself more invested in her plan--and in her--than he ever thought possible. But as the tangled lies and feelings pile up, Francine must discover what exactly she needs for herself--and from Ollie. Because sometimes the boy you always wanted isn't what you expected.

Ages 13 up. Katherine Tegen Books.|||Grades 10-12. Katherine Tegen Books.|||adolescent

Michelle Quach.
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