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Breath of flowers

"Azami always thought she was only attracted to boys, but after the unexpected revelation that her long-time crush Gwyn is actually a girl, she quickly learns that love doesn't have to be limited by gender. Now, the two of them are a happy couple, and lovestruck Azami couldn't be more excited to do all the cute relationship things she's read about in romantic manga! Unfortunately, their new relationship comes with new challenges as well. With Gwyn spending the summer at basketball camp and then transferring to a new school, Azami has to learn how to cope with her anxieties and jealousy in a healthy way. Meanwhile, Gwyn's dreams of playing basketball at her new school suffer an unexpected setback: someone on the team doesn't want her there, and is willing to expose her personal secrets to keep it that way." --Publisher's website.

"T--Teen age 13+. TOKYOPOP age rating--Some adult themes."-- Back cover.|||adolescent

story and art by Caly.

Reads from right to left in traditional Japanese style.

"First published in France in 2018 by Editions H2T -- PIKA EDITION" --Colophon.

Translated from the Japanese.
Target Readership: