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Buck Breaking


Buck Breaking is a documentary film that explores the history of sexual exploitation of Black people by the dominant society.  The film particularly covers the taboo subject of sexual exploitation of Black males throughout history.  The film Buck Breaking draws parallels between ancient forms of this sexual exploitation, to the modern forms of buck breaking being used on Black people today.  Buck Breaking is produced and directed by the maker of the popular Hidden Colors documentary film series, Tariq Nasheed. Actors : Judge Joe Brown, Tariq Nasheed, Bishop Talbert Swan, Lord Jamar


Tariq Nasheed; Darien Clark; Ola Akinroluyo; Jabari Osaze; Wesley Muhammad; Rizza Islam; James Small; Kaba Kamene.

Featuring: Jabari Osaze, Dr. Wesley Muhammad, Rizza Islam, Professor James Small, Dr. Kaba Kamene.

Directed by Tariq Nasheed ; assistant producer Ola Akinroluyo.

DVD, region 1, widescreen presentation, Dolby Digital 5.0.

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