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Call the name of the night

Mitsuboshi, Tama
"Deep in the forest, a curious pair reside: a young girl Mira, whose affliction leads her to call forth darkness whenever she's in distress; and her physician Rei, determined to seek a cure. Each day, she works to remember the light and bring back the person she used to be. But a sudden visit from Rei's friend, who harbors an interest in Mira's illness may be end of their peaceful days... " --

T, Teen.|||adolescent

Tama Mitsuboshi ; translation: Amanda Haley ; lettering: Lys Blakeslee.

Translation of: Yoru no namae o yonde Vol. 1.

"First published in Japan in 2021 by Kadokawa Corporation, Tokyo" -- Colophon.

Manga - reads from right to left.

Translated from the Japanese.
Target Readership: