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Children of the whales - volume 2

Umeda, Abi

It is year 93 of the Sand Exile, but the implications of that calendar are only now sinking in for Chakuro. Imperial soldiers from the Allied Empire have appeared out of nowhere with orders to kill all the "criminals" of the Mud Whale! The Committee of Elders knows why this is happening but still won't explain it to the young Marked of the island. And the elders would rather see the Mud Whale sink forever to the bottom of the Sea of Sand than leave them all at the mercy of the empire.

Children of the whales is rated T+ for Older Teen and is recommended for ages 16 and up. Contains violence and death.|||adolescent

story and art by Abi Umeda.

Printed in the original Japanese format to read from right to left and back to front.

English translation of: Kujiranokoraha sajouniutau.

First published in Japan in 2014 by AKITA PUBLISHING CO., LTD., Tokyo.

Translated from the Japanese.

Target Readership: