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McBride, Andrew
"Cimarrón meant wild. Untamed. Thats how Calvin Taylor, the young man they called Choctaw, saw himself. As free of restraint as the raw new land he wandered, where the only law was lynch law. Someone who couldnt be broken to the plow. Choctaws stamping ground was the Arizona Territory of 1873. He worked as a mustanger, catching and breaking wild horses; for the army scouting against Apaches; as a cowboy trailing horse thieves. Each adventure added to his growing reputation as a man skilled and deadly in the use of guns. But when he came up against a desperate band of kidnappers, Choctaw faced some hard choices. Which side of the law was he really on? And where did his true loyalties lie? Because the man leading the kidnappers had been-maybe still was-his best friend." --


Andrew McBride.
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