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Dark night of the mountain man

Johnstone, William W
The bear seems harmless--at first. Just a lost and confused grizzly poking around Big Rock. Then the killings begin. A horse wrangler is mangled. A rancher mauled. Then a bartender in the heart of town is found clawed to a bloody pulp. Every man in Big Rock is taking up arms to hunt down the beast before it strikes again--which worries the local sheriff. He's afraid this amateur hunting party could turn into a mass funeral real fast. So he asks Smoke Jensen to help keep everyone calm and contain the panic. Unfortunately, it's too late. The panic is out of control. And the hunt is on... While the gun-toting locals head for the hills in search of the bear, a ruthless gang of bank robbers ride into the half-empty town--armed to the teeth. Then a professional wild-game hunter shows up offering to kill the grizzly--for a price. If that wasn't enough, a traveling medicine man claims the bear is a part of his act--and wouldn't hurt a soul. Smoke Jensen isn't sure what to belief or who to trust. But one thing is certain: where there are jaws, claws, and outlaws, there will be blood...


William W. Johnstone and J. A. Johnstone.

Number in series from author website.
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