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Deadly venomous mammals!

Markovics, Joyce L
Wildlife biologist George Madani was studying wildlife on the island of Borneo when he spotted an adorable slow loris clinging to a mango tree. The tiny, furry primate was so cute that George leaned in to look at it. As he got close, the loris nipped him on the finger. Soon after, George's mouth began to swell and he felt short of breath. He was in a very remote location. Would George be able to get help in time? Learn all about rare venomous mammals in this engrossing new narrative nonfiction book for young readers. It's packed with exciting wildlife encounters, cutting-edge science, and loads of info about venom and its deadly effects.

Age 6-12.|||juvenile

by Joyce Markovics ; consultant, Professor Bryan Grieg Fry, Head of Venom Evolution Laboratory, School of Biological Sciences, University of Queensland, Australia.

Includes bibliographical references and index.
Target Readership: