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Debugging code

Thompson, Sam
"Bugs are mistakes in code. A bug can make a program work incorrectly or even crash a computer. So, debugging code is one of the most important tasks that programmers have to tackle! This accessible, at-level book teaches readers about debugging and how it's crucial to their everyday digital activities--such as playing their favorite computer games. Readers will especially enjoy the photographs of young programmers like themselves at work as well as learning about two famous programmers--Grace Hopper and Alan Turing--and how what they accomplished through their knowledge of coding"--Provided by the publisher.

Ages 5-7 Junior Library Guild.|||Grades K-2 Junior Library Guild.|||juvenile

by Sam Thompson.

Includes index.

Includes glossary.

"This edition is published by arrangement with Booklife Publishing."

A Junior Library Guild selection
Target Readership: