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In deep

Rohde, David W
A two- time Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist's eye-opening investigation of the so-called deep state. A recent poll found that 74 percent of Americans believe that a group of unelected government and military officials is secretly manipulating or directing national policy. But does an American deep state really exist? This sweeping exploration of the intelligence community and FBI scandals of the past four decades--from Abscam to false intelligence about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction to warrantless wiretapping of Americans--investigates growing fears of a deep state that cross party lines. President Trump and his supporters blame rogue elements in the FBI and CIA for the Trump-Russia investigation. Liberals worry about the "military- industrial complex"--a group of generals and contractors who, they say, push the US into endless wars. Based on dozens of interviews with career spymasters, covert CIA operatives, and FBI agents, In Deep answers the question of whether the FBI and CIA are the enemies, or protectors, of American democracy in the Trump era.

David Rohde.

Compact disc.

In container (17 cm.).

Title from container.

Narrated by Graham Winton.
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