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Design a game!

Wolf, Bree (Bree D.)
"Siblings Shen, Shondra, and Shontoya arrive at Ludum Omega Summer Camp with a passion for games, and Professor Zephyr is excited to teach this year’s students all about the art and science of game design! What makes a game fun? What kinds of games are out there? How can designers turn an okay game into a great one? With Maker Comics: Design a Game! as your guide, you’ll play and modify classic games and learn how to build and test a prototype of a new game that’s all your own!"--

9-13 years.|||Grades 4-6.

written by Bree Wolf and Jesse Fuchs ; art by Bree Wolf.

"Who can? You can!"-- Cover.

"The ultimate DIY guide with 8 game design projects"-- Cover.
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