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Eat your greens reds yellows and purples

Mitchem, James
With 25 delicious and simple vegetarian recipes, this healthy cookbook makes fruits and vegetables fun and delicious while teaching kids the benefits of eating healthy. Teach your kids how carrots help their vision while baking carrot and orange muffins or why peppers boost their immune system while making a red pepper hummus. Written in a tone that focuses on why colorful fruit and vegetables are good, this book is for parents looking for a way to get their children excited about fruit, vegetables, and cooking. The delicious meals and fun facts are enough to satisfy any hungry young appetite, so reach for your reds, pick up your purples, and don't forget to eat your greens!

Ages 8-12.|||juvenile

editors James Mitchem, Carrie Love ; photographer Dave King.

Includes index.
Target Readership: