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The economics book

Kishtainy, Niall

What happens in a recession? How does money work? Why do we pay taxes? Economics affects every aspect of our lives, from how we get to work to where we spend our money--and big economic ideas continue to shape the world. Written in plain English, The Economics Book is packed with short, pithy explanations that cut through the jargon, step-by-step diagrams that untangle knotty theories, classic quotes that economics memorable, and witty illustrations that enhance and play with our understanding of economics. Whether you're a beginner, an avid student, or an armchair expert, you'll find plenty to stimulate you within this book.--Book cover.

Nial Kishtainy, consultant editor, [and 6 others].

Includes index.

Previously published as the First American edition in 2012.

"Big ideas simply explained" -- Cover.

Target Readership: