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Every hidden thing

Shoemaker, Tim
Parker Buckman loves his new home in Rockport, Massachusetts. But strange things have been happening ever since Devin Catsakis' funeral. A series of break-ins have left everyone on edge, especially Parker's new friend, Ella Houston. She lives with her grandma, and they depend on rental income from a cottage on their property. Bad online reviews about the "ghost" terrorizing rental homes in Rockport aren't helping bookings. With the bottom dropping out on the rental market, Ella's home is at risk. All Parker wants is to help Ella-which means finding some answers. What Parker really needs? To trust that God, the great revealer of secrets, is just and will take care of this in His perfect timing-even when it seems He's taking way too long.

Ages 12-14|||adolescent

Tim Shoemaker

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