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The Feminist Bird Club's birding for a better world

Adams, Molly

The Feminist Bird Club's birding for a better world :a guide to finding joy and community in nature

Birding is more popular than ever, and for good reason. Birds are infinitely fascinating and inspiring, and can be found everywhere from forests to city parks to suburban backyards. Birding not only grounds us in our natural environment but is shown to reduce stress and support our mental well-being. It's something that can be done alone or in community, by anyone, anytime. In Birding for a Better World, Feminist Bird Club organizers Molly Adams and Sydney Golden Anderson expand on those ideas, discussing how the simple and timeless activity of birding is both deeply connected to issues of social and environmental justice and a meaningful way to experience joy. Journal prompts throughout this book provide moments for reflection and meditation, and beautiful illustrations by members of the Feminist Bird Club community can be found on almost every page. Whether you're new to birding or a longtime lover of birds, this book will deepen your relationship to the activity and to the larger community of birders around the world.--Front cover flap.

Molly Adams and Sydney Golden Anderson.

Includes bibliographical references.

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