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To free the stars

Ciesielski, J'nell

"The Great War consumes all in its path, but for the assassins at Talon it's just another day on the job . . . until an old threat revives from the smoke of war-torn Europe to obliterate the world as they know it. After successfully rescuing Phillip from the clutches of the Order of the Rising Moon, Jack and Ivy Vale are relieved to end their months-long chase across Eastern Europe and recover from their wounds back at Talon headquarters. A homecoming--much less a happy one--is not written in the stars however. Ambushed and beaten, Jack disappears into the darkness of night without a trace. Ten years later, Ivy has long accepted her husband as gone, even though she sees echoes of him behind every doorway and in every corner. She single-mindedly focuses on the mission of Talon: to ensure good outweighs the evil in the world. But the fight against darkness has only just begun, and sometimes the enemy you should fear is the one within. Completing the epic duology from bestselling author J'nell Ciesielski, To Free the Stars incorporates her signature blend of thrilling adventure, glamorous espionage, and sweeping romance. A fast-paced historical adventure novel set during the roaring '20s The second book in the Jack and Ivy duology Includes discussion questions for book clubs" --


J'nell Ciesielski.

Includes discussion questions.

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