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Gary Carden: Storyteller

Hutcheson, Neal

Sylva, NC’s own storyteller Gary Carden is showcased in a 2023 documentary from Emmy award winning filmmaker Neal Hutcheson. Raised there by his grandparents, young Gary Neil Carden was steeped in the old Appalachian ways of his elders, a generation behind his peers, and he absorbed the lore, folklore, superstitions and tall tales of the region. He also lived and breathed the serial stories broadcast into their remote holler to the family’s Silvertone radio. And when he had an opportunity to go to the movies, his Aunt Ruby reported that he “put the movie on like a suit of clothes.” In time Carden became a celebrated teacher, playwright, author, and through it all, above all else—a STORYTELLER. STORYTELLER is a contemplation on narrative craft as a negotiation with reality, means of personal survival and preservation of community. STORYTELLER is a film by by Neal Hutcheson. Carden and Hutcheson worked together previously on the documentaries Mountain Talk (2003), The Outlaw Lewis Redmond (2008), and the Emmy award winning The Last One (2009), and award-winning adaptations of Carden’s plays The Prince of Dark Corners (2007) and Birdell (2018).


DVD, region 1, widescreen presentation, Dolby Digital 5.0.

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