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In Ghostly Japan

Hearn, Lafcadio
"Think not that dreams appear to the dreamer only at night, the dream of this world of pain appears to us even by day." In this book, famed author Lafcadio Hearn presents 14 fascinating stories-including deathless ghosts and yokai, local folklore and haunted places, as well as Japanese Buddhist traditions. This edition includes a new foreword by Michael Dylan Foster which explains the book's importance as a Japanese cultural and historical classic. The Japanese have two kinds of ghosts in their folklore-the spirits of the dead and the spirits of the living. In Ghostly Japan examines both and, in the process, offers a fascinating window into Japan's supernatural and spiritual world. The stories include: "Fragment"-A young pilgrim encounters a mountain of skulls and is shown a terrible truth "Ingwa-banashi"-On her deathbed, a dying wife bequeaths to her young rival a sinister and horrific gift "A Passional Karma"-A spectral beauty transcends death to return for her handsome samurai lover "Story of a Tengu"-A priest saves the life of a Yokai-monk and is granted a wish, but the outcome is not as expected While some stories contain spine-tingling imagery, others offer looks into Japan's rich culture and religion. "Bits of Poetry" offers an engaging study on the nation's fascination with verse, "Japanese Buddhist Proverbs" explains the meaning of several traditional Buddhist sayings and "Incense" examines its use in rituals to summon and banish spirits. Whether you're interested in classic ghost stories, or simply want to enjoy the prose of a legendary writer, In Ghostly Japan affords countless delights"--

Lafcadio Hearn, Michael Dylan Foster.
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