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In good hands

MacKendrick, Stephanie
"After the 2016 election of U.S. President Donald Trump, women of all ages literally took to the streets, setting off a wave of activism that's developed into a flood of women seeking elected office. IN GOOD HANDS speaks to young women eager to take part in the political system and make change from the inside out. The text begins with a series of engaging and approachable profiles of women who have run for office. They come from across the political spectrum, around the world, and at all levels of politics. Readers will learn what inspired them to run, how they managed to win, and what they accomplished once they came to office. Part 2 gives practical advice to any reader who is considering a run for office. It covers a broad range of subjects, from summoning the courage to run, to identifying your strengths and weaknesses, getting plugged in to your community, finding mentors, raising money for a run, and using social media effectively. And Part 3 of the book, The Deep Dive, is an extensive list of resources for readers who want to take the next step."--


Stephanie MacKendrick

Includes bibliographical references.
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