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I'll be seeing you

Hatcher, Robin Lee
"Brianna Hastings's life seems dull and full of disappointment until a handsome young man visits her church. She's instantly smitten by the charming Greg Truman, who leads an exciting, independent life. When a college history assignment forces Brianna to interview her great-grandmother about life during World War II, she can't believe it when Daisy presses her with questions about Greg's character. The questions take both women back to Boise, Idaho, in the early 1940s. Trying to protect the people she loves the most, Daisy condemns herself to live a lie. As Daisy grapples with the consequences, she receives unexpected grace from a man she's known her whole life. Could what she learned about love save Brianna from heartache?"--Back cover.


Robin Lee Hatcher.

Includes discussion questions.
Target Readership: