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The intentional year

Packiam, Holly
The Intentional Year is an invitation to stop right now, right where you are, and choose to live on purpose. This isn't just about aspirations or self-improvement - a flourishing life is tangible and possible. With stories, practices, and a road map into intentionality, Holly and Glenn Packiam will guide you into simple ways to grow personally. Experience freedom to invest time and energy into the people you value most and into the purpose you were made for. As you step into your intentional year, you'll reflect on the lessons and celebrations of the past season; identify themes and a sense of calling for the season ahead; and implement now rhythms of prayer, rest, renewal, relationships, and work. Life doesn't have to be something that just happens to us. It's time to start practicing the life-giving rhythms of an intentional life - starting today.

Holly + Glenn Packiam

Includes bibliographical references.
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