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I've had to think up a way to survive - on trauma, persistence, and Dolly Parton

Melnick, Lynn

"When everything fell apart for Lynn Melnick, she spent the money from her NYPL fellowship on a trip to Dollywood with her family. Melnick's trauma began long before 2018, but events of that year forced her to relive portions of it--abortions, drug abuse, rape--even as she was confronting new pain in the loss of close friends and family. Dolly Parton's music had been a balm and a source of inspiration for decades, and so the trip to Dollywood was "a personal reckoning with my traumatic, often violent past...the culmination of a difficult year that left me wanting to get to the bottom of just what it is I love and need to say about Dolly." Each chapter of this book explores some aspect of Melnick's life through the lens of one of Parton's songs. Melnick is a mother, wife, daughter, survivor, poet; this manuscript has her examining sex, sex work, religion, jealousy, class, nostalgia, aging, illness, motherhood, addiction, abortion, and art, among other topics that can be illuminated in a discussion and appreciation of Dolly's music and life"--


Lynn Melnick.

Publication, size and pagination may vary.

Includes bibliographical references (pages 261-266).

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