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Jujutsu Kaisen

Akutami, Gege
"Tensions are high as the Goodwill Event between the Tokyo and Kyoto campuses of Jujutsu High approaches. But before the competition can even begin, a couple of Kyoto students confront Fushiguro and Kugisaki. Meanwhile, Yuji's traning gets interrupted by a mysterious crime involving grotesque bodily alterations caused by a cursed spirt..."--


story and art by Gege Akutami ; translation Stefan Koza ; touch-up art & lettering Snir Aharon ; design, Shawn Carrico ; editor, John Bae.

"First published in Japan in 2018 by Shueisha Inc., Tokyo."

Translated from the Japanese.

Paging is from back to front to preserve the original Japanese format.
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