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Just Lizzie

Wilfrid, Karen

"Fourteen-year-old Lizzie knows what she's not. She's not at home in her new house on the other side of town, after an incident with a neighbor forced her fmaily to move. She's not ready to say goodbye to the wild apple tree in her old backyard, or to her older brother, who just left home for his first semester of college. She's definitely not happy to be taking women's self-defense with her sworn-enemy PE teacher. And unlike her best friend--and seemingly everone around her--she's not interested in boys, girls, or the baffling behavior known as 'flirting.' Knowing what she's not is easy. It's much harder to figure out what she is."--

Ages 8-12. Clarion Books.|||Grades 4-6. Clarion Books.|||adolescent

Karen Wilfrid.

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