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Fontana Regional Library will be closed for coronavirus prevention starting Tues, March 17 through April 30. If you have any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19, call the NC Coronavirus Helpline: 1-866-462-3821. You can now call 211 in NC to get connected to resources in your community or text COVIDNC to 898211 to get alerts on NC COVID-19 updates. - More info about closings

Key of Light

Nora Roberts
Malory Price's life plan has hit a snag. She's in danger of losing her job managing an art gallery in Pleasant Valley Pennsylvania. A welcome distraction comes in the form of an invitation to a cocktail party at Warrior's Peak an infamous estate overlooking the town. But no one else she knows has been invited. There are only two other guests: Dana Steele a librarian and Zoe McCourt a single mother. On the surface it seems the women have nothing in common until their mysterious hosts tell them a story -- and offer them a challenge. Legend has it that the souls of three demigoddesses -- one an artist one a bard and one a warrior -- have been locked in a box that has three keys. Now it's up to Malory and the others to find the keys. Their reward: a million dollars each. It all seems too bizarre to be true. But none of them can ignore the financial windfall they stand to gain. And now Malory -- with her soul of an artist and eye for beauty -- must find her key first. She soon discovers that whatever locked the souls away is dark powerful and greedy... and it doesn't want the women to win.
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