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Lord Monté

"You are invited to travel on a journey to Jocund—once a city of pure joy turned to one of utter oppression and famine. Dustin, the Prince of Sans Défaut, and his six deadly Black Warriors have one common goal: Reclaim the Kingdom of Jocund from the sadistic hands of Lord Monté. Rose, once the best friend of the Princess of Jocund and who is now a mere castle seamstress, clings to unending hope for her broken city. She places her faith in an unknown deliverer who mysteriously seems to know every detail about her life, yet she knows nothing of him. Lord Monté is a ruler of rumors, a madman, and a leader who is thirsty for blood. He holds the people of Jocund captive for his personal pleasure and entertainment as they fight to the death to survive. How does a boy go from Nothing to the Throne? In these pages, confront battles—-mental, spiritual, and physical—-and the disturbing realities it often takes for people to reach their destiny."--Provided by publisher


N.D.M. ; foreword by Kim Moore.
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