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Magus of the library

Izumi, Mitsu

Magus of the library. 3

A story about a poor boy swept away by a kind library mage and the (literal) magic of reading, Magus of the Library is a beautifully-drawn, spirited fantasy adventure, like a Fullmetal Alchemist for all ages! Theo has completed the first part of the grueling exam to become a kafna, but he's not in the clear yet--there are two more trials he must face. Even if he makes it through the second test, an intense face-to-face oral examination, the last challenge is a practical demonstration of his abilities as a librarian. Theo has been studying his whole life for this moment, but there's one kind of test that no amount of studying could have prepared him for: a group project.

Rated T, for ages 13+.|||adolescent

Mitsu Izumi ; translation: Stephen Kohler ; lettering: Paige Pumphrey.

"First published in Japan in 2019 by Kodansha Ltd., Tokyo as Toshokan no daimajutsushi volume 3."--Colophon.

"Based on Kafna of the wind, written by Sophie Schwimm ; translated by Hiroto Hama."

Reads from right to left.

In English, translated from the Japanese.

Target Readership: