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The many half-lived lives of Sam Sylvester

MacGregor, Maya
"Sam Sylvester is an 18-year-old white nonbinary autistic person who just moved with their dad to a small Oregon town after experiencing a hate crime in Montana that almost killed them. Sam, who was in foster care as a child, has never really felt a connection with anyone but their black adoptive father before, but as soon as they move to Astoria, things start to change. They meet other queer kids, like Shep, a brown Latina who's bisexual and who quickly becomes their closest friend and biggest ally. The two have something in common other than queerness: they're both very intrigued by Sam's new house, where someone called Billy Clement died 30 years ago. The town considers it a tragic accident, but Sam and Shep are not so sure." --

Ages 12+. Astra Young Readers.|||Grades 7-9. Astra Young Readers.|||adolescent

Maya MacGregor.
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