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A month of doomsdays

Johnstone, William W
"Something fishy is going on with the beef at Circle P. After a quick-and-dirty shootout with a small band of rustlers, Ty Brannigan and his son Matt do another count of their cattle -- and find they have fifty heads more than before. Seems the rustlers were hiding stolen cows from other ranches among the Brannigan herd. And that's just the tip of the cowpie. In jail, the rustlers rat out their partners to the local marshal. They're not just stealing cattle. They're plotting the biggest bank robbery in the county's bullet-riddled history. And this time, they're going to make a real killing ... Months in the planning -- and just days away -- the countdown to doomsday has begun. Ty, Matt, and the town marshall must race against time to track down the robbers before they strike -- or innocent people will die. But the Brannigans aren't afraid of danger. When the clock runs out -- and the shooting starts -- every man's days are numbered ..." -- Amazon.

William W. Johnstone and J. A. Johnstone.
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