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A murder of crows

Klumpers, Anita

On a video call, Paulina Deacon watches her friend follow a murder of crows through the woods. Moments later, Pauli is horrified when John Tolen stumbles upon three men and is murdered. In fear for her own life, she drives until she finds herself in the small town of Brier, Wisconsin. She reinvents herself as Polly Madison and is hired to do odd jobs at a rehabilitation clinic. Hal Karlsen has poured his life in to the rehabilitation clinic. When Polly arrives, he is equal parts irritated and intrigued. Slowly, she begins to open up to Hal. He pledges to keep her safe. She swears to protect the clinic. But can either live up to those promises whild the danger increases daily?


Anita Klumpers.

Includes bibliographical references (page 513).

Includes a devotional moment (pages 515 - 516).

Target Readership: